What is Exercise Phsyiology?

Exercise Physiology is the science of using exercise to help with chronic health and medical conditions, injuries, general health and well-being and also prevent the development of medical conditions.

The Health Moves team are Accredited Exercise Physiologists; University qualified exercise specialists. We use the power of exercise as medicine to assist individuals in achieving peak health and well-being. We match the science to the individual and create individualised exercise programs to meet the your health needs.

Why Exercise as Medicine?

The medicinal effects of exercise have been knows for centuries, in fact it was the roman polititian, Marcus Cicero in 65BC that first noted that “it is exercise alone that supports the spirits, and keeps the mind in vigor”. Fast forward a few hundred centuries and the need for exercise and medicine is now becming a necessity as we move towards a more sedentary lifestyle; ultimately brought about by the industrial revolution and the continual progression towards automation.

As we lead more and more sedentary lives the bodies systems are placed under unique stressors that exercise, when used medicinally, can undo. Exercise is knpown to help conditions such as : Diabetes, Heart conditions, recovery from Stroke, Parkinsons Disease, Hypertension, Cancer, Back pain, arthritis…. The list is endlessE In fact, every body system can benefit from specific functional movement patterns.

The team at Health Moves have a strong belief in the use of exercise as medicine and we pride ourselves in matching the individual to the appropriate movement pattern that is achievable and will get results.

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