Messages telling us to exercise are everywhere, and everyone knows that they should be doing some sort of exercise, but the question as to why we are exercising and what the right type of exercise is gets blurred. Let’s start with a few questions…

  1. Are you exercising to”fit into a piece of clothing” or to stay in “shape”?
  2. Do you push yourself to extremes?
  3. Are you exercising to void food that you have eaten?
  4. Are you working to fatigue?
  5. Do you work out with the mentally of “No Pain No Gain?

If you answer yes to any of the following questions it is possible you need to re-address the why and how of your exercise routine….

Let’s start with the basics… what are health and exercise?

Through the power of social media we have been led to believe that exercise equates to looking thin, sexy, toned and is generally used as a punishment for eating “bad foods”, and we have actually forgotten the reason we need to exercise. Which is? HEALTH!

Unfortunately not all exercise results in health; token exercise here and there doesn’t necessarily yield health improvements, and too much exercise can also be detrimental to health. If we forget about our health we are doing a huge disservice to our body and body image. Rather than focusing on what our body looks like we need to focus on what we want it to do, we weren’t designed simply to look good whilst lying next to a pool! Our body should be used as an instrument of life; a vehicle for you to enjoy life through and that enable you to achieve what you want to in life, not something that should be punished, life is too short for that! Health is about balance, and that means balancing exercise with life and ensuring exercise does not impinge on your lifestyle.

Improving fitness and Functionality should be the goal of any exercise program; not weight loss or improving body shape as this doesn’t always equate to better health. However, increasing fitness will increase health and selecting better foods, will, improve health even if we don’t lose weight.

News Flash: if you commence an exercise program and improve your fitness, without losing weight, you will achieve more benefit than someone who simply loses weight through undesirable options. Ultimately, by focusing on body image you generally do your body more injustice than if you were to provide your body with appropriate nutrition and exercise appropriately. Healthy behaviours result in better physical and emotional health at any size rather than being on the quest for the perfect body.

Forget about fatness instead of fitness!

Improving your fitness can:

So now I ask you….

Does the life that you want to live have a place for bad health and over or under exercising?

If you’re not exercising appropriately the health reprecussions can be terrible, and impact yourself and your family and friends. Finding the correct exercise prescription for YOU (and this may well mean scaling back) with help you achieve goals, improve family relationships and ultimately help you in living a more fulfilled life.

If you need guidance in regards to exercise Contact Health Moves Today and make an appointment with one of our exercise specialists who will help you get back on track.