Functional Fitness for Females

Functional Fitness is a form of training designed to improve the body in order to complete movements and tasks you need to do on a day by day basis. This training uses mostly body weight and a few weights to mimic day to day movement such as lifting overhead, squatting, rotating and bending. Unlike other forms of fitness Functional fitness can be much lower intensity and not as\ strenuous on the body.

What are the benefits of Functional Fitness?

  • Improved ability to carry out day to day tasks by improving overall function.
  • Improved mobility through increased balance, coordination, flexibility and strength.
  • Improved posture as a result of improved muscle balance and symmetry
  • Reduced risk of injury as the body is stronger and prepared for every day movement patterns.

FUNctional Fitness for Females is a weekly program, either one on one or group based, for females which is focused on functional movements to improve muscle strength, movement patterns, and cardiovascular capacity to allow for better, more fluid mobility every day.

What’s involved?

  • one on one initial consultation to determine current health status, goals and current fitness
  • one on one familiarisation session so you are comfortable with the basic exercises
  • group exercise or one on one sessions
  • review sessions every 6 weeks to check your progress.

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