Fast Facts

It is common knowledge that regular physical activity or exercise plays an important role in maintaining health and reducing morbidity and it is now known that physical inactivity is the greatest predictor of risk factors for chronic disease and!

Physical inactivity has overtaken smoking, high blood pressure and high cholesterol as the world’s biggest killer.

Exercise truly is Medicine, and, unlike some medications, it is multifunctioning. Exercise has the ability to not only reduce BGL in individuals with Type 2 Diabetes, but  it also assists with reducing blood pressure, weight management, increases muscle mass, increases bone mass, improves mood and overall functionality.

As Exercise Physiologists our job is to find the most appropriate exercise for YOU to achieve optimum health and control of YOUR diabetes. We make exercise easy and achievable for YOU to results in long term lifestyle change.

How will we assist YOU?

Our comprehensive program “MOVE TO HEATLH” could be the kick start YOU need to get your diabetes back on track. This 8 week program will achieve all of the above and more!

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