Chronic Pain Management

1 in 5 Australians live with Chronic Pain, so if you are in pain, you are not alone. Pain is considered to be chronic when it persists beyond the expected healing time. It is a highly complex individual experience relating to conditions such as spinal pain, neuropathic pain, shoulder pain, post-operative pain, and knee pain.

The issue is may not be in the tissue. 

Many clinicians treat chronic pain in a similar way to acute pain and use the severity of the sensation as a ‘reliable’ indicator of the severity of the injury. However, with chronic pain the relationship between pain and the injury falls apart, whereby, the non-tissue related factors become the issue of driving the beast.

Ever heard of phantom limb pain?

A persistent pain which can last for years after amputation with absolutely no tissue involved. How does the pain occur when the tissue is not there?How much is caused by tissue and how much is caused by other factors, for example, emotions, thoughts, increased nervous system sensitivity, past experiences, culture etc.?

This is the million dollar question.

How can we help you “to tame the beast”?

We will formulate an individualised plan to assist YOU with the management of YOUR condition. We will take into account YOUR individual experience and how it is affecting the important things is YOUR life such as work, family, social life and assist with finding coping strategies.

We will provide you with an exercise program to assist with a mind and body approach:

  • Keeping the body in a condition to be able to cope, exercise makes your muscles stronger and you don’t fatigue as easily and key factor in breaking the cycle of pain and deconditioning
  • It releases endorphins (an internal medication which works in the same way as pain relief)
  • Supports the mind, makes you feel good, promotes relaxation, and helps with any unhelpful emotions
  • Reduces flare-ups

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